American Presidents And Football: A Political Romance

Irish Gridiron

Politics and sport always mix.

Go to any Old firm derby (it’ll have to be a Cup game these days obviously), or some murderous Yugoslavian derby, or even watch the  Youtube footage of the 1936 Olympics.

Or even consider the 1993 Christchurch by-election in the UK when one candidate, Peter Newman, ran for parliament on the sole platform of removing Graham Taylor as England football manager. Politics seeps into everything and it certainly intrudes on sport.

The working man loves sport and politicians always try and connect with the working man.

In Ireland, politicians have usually been desperate to profess a love of the GAA, with a few exceptions (Garret Fitzgerald wouldn’t have recognised a hurl if someone pulled junior hurling style across his midriff.)

But what about America? Here’s a survey of American Presidents attitude to America’s game.

Barack Obama

Never misses a chance to tell everyone how big…

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