Presidential Library Journey – The Beginning

Following the Presidents


I heard a sound, faint but insistent, just a foot or so outside my tent.  A raccoon?  A dog?  A squirrel?  A skunk?  I closed my eyes, choosing to ignore it and, I hoped, to drift off to sleep.   I was in Arkansas; I let the thought float there in the air, suspended by its own unlikely eloquence.  I was in a tent in friggin’ Arkansas.   I’d been on the road for almost two months now, tenting it, for the most part, at various campgrounds and hostels, church backyards or just grassland off the highway.  I was on a mission, driving thousands of miles in order to visit each of the Presidential Libraries.  The nightly animal sounds no longer distracted me as much as they had back at the beginning.  In Massachusetts a badger had kept me up half the night, sounding more like a bear to my novice…

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