Interactive: Where U.S. Presidents Fear to Tread


When President Obama touched down in Sweden early Wednesday morning, he notched his 43rd foreign country visited since taking the oath of office.

The president probably doesn’t need the frequent flyer miles or the sense of worldliness that comes with a well-stamped passport, but presidents are still judged on their global itinerary.  Obama’s two most recent predecessors each visited 74 different nations or sovereign states during their eight years in office, according to the State Department’s history of executive travel. If Obama were to keep up his present pace–a rather unlikely premise, since foreign trips do not accumulate steadily–he would set foot in 73 separate foreign states by the last day of his presidency.

In the following interactive map, you can view each president’s international itinerary going back to Theodore Roosevelt, the first president to slip the border while in office. (He went to inspect the construction of the…

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