The Presidents Project is an ongoing mission to read a substantial biography about each U.S. President. The rules and guidelines are simple. Read one biography about each President in order. The project began as a student at Elon University. The original premise was to check out the best book available in the University Library. After graduating in May 2011 the project expanded to attempting to find the best book written and purchase it.

This is a blog created to provide a roadmap to those attempting a similar project. I do not have a favorite president. I do not even pretend to be able to rank them in any specific way.

Presidents are like sports. Over the course of a season, teams rarely win over two thirds (.667) of their games. Just as rare is an abysmal season winning below (.333). Incredibly, whether the season is 16 games or 162, the vast majority fight for the middle third. Since Washington, presidents have rarely failed in a way that they are truly awful and have rarely succeeded to the point of greatness.

For each president I have examined the book based on my criteria. I also seek to fairly and honestly address how I feel about the president before and after reading about them.

Books were selected based on the following criteria:

1. Date published- Early books were selected written by contemporary authors or without sufficient hindsight. The result was a biased or outdated perspective on the man and his significance in American history. Whenever possible the most recent biography was given consideration. Obviously hindsight becomes an extraordinary challenge as history blends into current events but eulogy of Franklin Pierce wasn’t given much thought.

2. Scope- The ideal book contained extensive coverage of the presidency. However, a secondary and sometimes defining characteristic was the coverage of the pre- and post-presidency of the man. My Senior Thesis examined the lack of political science research on the power of a former president and the role he continued to play on the world stage. Books were also given special consideration if they examined the rise to power and how it influenced decisions made while president. I didn’t fault books for ending after the subject was assassinated. That is unduly harsh.

3. Author- Whether from a partisan angle or an attempt at revisionist history, the author was always considered before making a decision. Journalists or pundits many times were deal breakers as historians were given top priority. Memoirs or other attempts at autobiography were not considered.

4. Length- The original project attempted to select the best short biography. Then, when reaching presidents that did not have these available, long biographies were then considered. Many times short biographies are fantastic but cannot possibly address the goals listed above. On the other hand, books that are burdened by long, irrelevant passages lessen the significance of the message.

5. Mission- Finally, I seek to find a book that is most aligned with the goals of the project. Ironically, the most well-known presidents struggle to conform to the mission of a straight biography. Understandably the mission of an author often becomes offering something new worth writing about. For example, was Lincoln gay? Did FDR know about Pearl Harbor? As the son of the greatest conspiracy theorist known to man (Did Monica Lewinsky kill JFK?!!?) I am not a fan of hit jobs or vendettas.

That is it. Feel free to comment or absolutely steal my idea or books from this list. That is the point of writing this blog. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello. I’m writing from the Washington Post. Working on a piece about people who read presidential biographies in chronological order. I am one of these people and you seem to be one too. Are you avail. to talk? Please write back or give me a call. Thanks! Justin Moyer 202 334 6078 justin.moyer@washpost.com

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